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iPhone 6: Will there be anything left to know come September?

iPhone 6: Will there be anything left to know come September?

By now, the daily splurge of iPhone 6 rumours has become second nature.

We have entered that period in the run-up to an iPhone’s release when it’s impossible to escape chatter about Apple’s plans.

Whether it’s logic boards, staggered release dates or glowing logos, the news agenda is rammed with iPhone stories.

You can argue either way against this, but clearly the fans are lapping it up.

But more so than any other iPhone before, the iPhone 6 is the subject of some seriously well sourced leaks that mean we’re unlikely to learn anything new come the official launch, purportedly pegged for September.

2010’s iPhone 4 launch is perhaps the best comparison.

iphone 6 rear shell mac otakara

Then, a complete device was leaked months before launch, causing a police investigation and meaning Apple suffered its first ever full scale leak.

But we still didn’t know much more about the device thanks to it being remotely locked.

Today, we’re getting fed an endless diet of leaked pics. Schematic drawings have led to full scale dummy models being shown off on YouTube.

We know what the rear housing looks like, that the screen will be made from sapphire, that its Touch ID module will be largely unchanged from the iPhone 5S.

Basically, we already know everything bar the price and final release date.

But we’re sure to be served up more as the event nears and Apple fans get greedy for more.

iphone 6 complete rear panel leak 1

Doubtless the mystery of whether the Apple logo really lights up will have been solved before Tim Cook takes to the stage.

Why is this? Well, even since the iPhone 4 the ability for sources, both professional and amateur, to source and publish leaks has become easier.

Twitter and Weibo have grown massively in that time, affording a platform to share and divulge secrets which used to stay locked down until launch day.

The only surprise is we haven’t yet seen a working model on the web. That day will come and there’s every chance it’ll come very soon.

Should we be upset? Not really.

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

There was something joyous about how Apple used to be able to lock down its supply chain in the old days.

The surprise left everyone wowed.

That’s simply not possible now, with the device’s mass popularity and a huge workforce assembling the phones killing off its ability to keep everything held down.

When the launch does come it seems we’ll have to add a new category to the by now traditional Apple bingo of buzzwords and phrases.

Namely, a part or feature that hasn’t yet been leaked.

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