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Apple iWatch delay: Does it really matter?

Apple iWatch delay: Does it really matter?

Rumours around the iPhone 6 have pushed stories about Apple’s iWatch off the top of the news agenda in the past couple of months. That’s understandable.

Tangible, endless leaks of a product everyone knows is coming are far easier to get excited about than gossip surrounding a product that remains shrouded in mystery.

But what was taken for granted at the start of 2014 is now being seen as unlikely.

Namely, that the iWatch would be up for grabs come the end of the year.

Now renowned analyst and on–the–money Apple watcher Ming Chi Kuo has released yet another research note claiming that the device won’t see the light of day until 2015.

Kuo has previous when it comes to getting Apple predictions right.

iwatch round

His revelations about last year’s iPhone 5S and 5C were largely spot-on. And his talk about the iWatch doesn’t seem far–fetched.

He reckons that Apple is suffering from production woes and that it’s struggling to produce enough components to a high enough quality.

He also says that because the iWatch is being held to a much higher design standard than currently available smartwatches, Apple is likely to leave off releasing the product until next year.

On the one hand, that’s disappointing.

Android Wear devices are already proliferating and it would be great to get an idea of Apple’s plans sooner rather than later.

But on the flip side, why rush a product when clearly the space it’s seeking to dominate is not yet mature.

Apple store spiral staircase

Like MP3 players, smartphones and tablets in their early days, smart watches are ultimately clunky.

They’ve not come close to realising their potential. Android Wear is essentially a huge beta testing program, the products available not nearly slick enough for the amount they cost.

Apple won’t want to enter the market just because. It wants, and needs, to have a product that blows the others out of the water and sets the agenda.

Think iPod, think iPhone, think iPad. Those products may not have led on specs.

But they certainly led on intuitive design and allure.

The iWatch needs to do that if Apple is going to dominate the smartwatch arena in the same way it shook up music, phones and tablets.

If that means leaving off launch, then so be it. Kuo may well be right that the iWatch won’t land until 2015.

iwatch paten

Apple won’t care that other smart watches are launching thick and fast. It’ll want to get its one spot on first time.

Another intriguing possibility is that of launching the iWatch before Christmas and releasing it after.

This would give Apple the advantage of creating doubt in consumers’ minds about current smartwatches and build hype quickly.

It worked with the first iPhone and iPad. Surely trying this out with the iWatch is the smartest move Apple can make.

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