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Apple iWatch: September 9th launch date will kill competition

Apple iWatch: September 9th launch date will kill competition

Apple’s iWatch now looks as if it’s going to be launching far sooner than anyone thought.

After talk of an October event and a launch date in early 2015, now it appears Apple is tired of waiting and will reveal all on September 9th, at the same time as showing off its two new iPhone 6 models.

How do we know? Well Re/code’s John Paczkowski, a man with plenty of credentials when it comes to the inside line from Apple, says ‘things have changed’ at Cupertino and that the device will be revealed in just under two weeks.

Paczkowski wrote back in June that Apple was planning on having a one–off October event, but suggested things could change in the next few months. It seems he was right on that score.

Why now? Well, that seems fairly obvious.

Next week sees the tech world’s great and good (minus Apple) decamp to Berlin for the annual IFA trade show.

ifa berlin logo

A slew of mobile-makers are expected to reveal new smartwatches.

LG has teased its new G Watch R. Samsung has already launched its Gear S. And Asus is primed to launch a sub £100 smartwatch.

None of these will be on sale immediately. Samsung’s offering is being readied for mid-October.

Apple just needs a week to let all that news sink in before showing its hand. And with it, it will probably do for any serious sales of rival smartwatches.

There have been no leaks of iWatch parts and that’s probably for one good reason: It hasn’t entered mass production yet.

Like the original iPhone, Apple wants to keep everyone guessing.

That means that the device itself probably won’t hit shelves until late 2014, possibly even early 2015, backing up claims by analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

samsung gear s smart watch

But by simply showing what it’s got (Kuo has claimed is beyond anything else currently available on the market) it will cause an instant clamour and doubtless leave plenty of consumers willing to wait.

The same happened with the first iPhone and iPad.

Why buy something still in beta testing (hello, Android Wear) when you can get something that, if predictions are right, will be streets ahead?

Apple certainly has something to get excited about.

ios 8 healthkit

Hiring execs from Nike and TAG Heuer show it means business.

Its HealthKit and HomeKit developer tools are said to form a key part of the iWatch, meaning it will be able to tally with numerous fitness apps and even control products in the home built to its standards.

Showing it off this early will allow it to control the hype and cause a flurry of headlines that rivals won’t match.

It’s a classic Steve Jobs tactic and one it’s hard to see not paying off.

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