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Apple September 9th event: Five things to expect

Apple September 9th event: Five things to expect

It’s not exactly a secret that Apple has been planning a special event on September 9th.

But now the company has confirmed it, after sending out invites to media with the cryptic message: ‘Wish we could say more.’

But the fact is, we already know an awful lot about what Apple has planned for its gathering at the Flint Centre in Cupertino.

And if the rumours are spot on, it seems like we’re going to be getting a taste of a string of new Apple products and services.

Read on and we’ll tell you the five new things to expect from Apple’s September 9th event.

1 iPhone 6 4.7–inch

iphone 6 felk volk image 2

There’s no doubting that the iPhone 6 will be the focus of Apple’s bash.

The leaks have been so comprehensive that we already know what the device will look like (think: a smaller take on the sleek iPad mini) and what sizes it will come in.

The new 4.7–inch model looks likely to be the main draw.

It should finally bring Apple up to speed with its rivals when it comes to screen size, although comparisons with the current iPhone 5S suggest it won’t actually be much larger.

Rather that the screen has been designed to fill most of the front of the phone.

That should make it suitable for one handed use, something similar–sized Android phones can’t match.

2 iPhone 6 5.5–inch

seeko iphone 6 leak

The larger iPhone 6 has been the source of plenty of chatter too.

While parts leaks haven’t been as plentiful, Apple analysts and watchers have claimed that the device will launch at the same time as its smaller stablemate, but only be available in small quantities, with supply constrained until Christmas and maybe beyond.

The handset is thought to have a few extras to give it an edge over its sibling, with talk of more storage and a better display resolution.

3 iWatch

iwatch round

Until recently, many thought the iWatch wouldn’t be getting its official unveiling until October.

But a recent Re/code report claimed that Apple would show off its wearable on September 9th.

The move makes sense: New smartwatches are being released all the time and Apple needs to stamp its authority on the space before it’s too late.

Don’t expect Apple to reveal a release date. Leaks have been nonexistent, which points to production not having started yet.

That’s bad news for those who want an iWatch now, good news for those who are happy to wait for it to be as close to perfect as Apple can get it.

4 iOS 8 release date

ios 8 imessage

iOS 8 was shown off in detail at WWDC back in June.

With third-party keyboards, clever Mac integration (including making and taking calls on your desktop or notebook) and Touch ID available for developers, it promises to be a major upgrade.

Apple will reveal the OS’s official launch date at the event, which should be September 10th if previous launches are anything to go by.

If you have an iPhone 4S and above or iPad 2 and above, you’ll be able to download it right away.

5 Mobile payment smarts

nfc logo

NFC has long been rumoured for the iPhone 6.

But recent parts leaks and talk from hacks with inside knowledge of Apple suggest it’ll form a key part of the new device.

Word is a secure enclave of the new iPhone’s chipset will handle payments from your device, with Touch ID used as an extra layer of security.

With mobile payments becoming big news, this move makes sense for Apple.

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