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  5. iPhone 6: 5.5–inch rear shell tips up

iPhone 6: 5.5–inch rear shell tips up

iPhone 6: 5.5–inch rear shell tips up

Sure, you’ve seen the smaller 4.7–inch iPhone 6 from enough angles now to have a good idea just what you’ll be emptying your savings for come launch day on September 9th.

But what about the larger 5.5–inch model? Images of parts of the more capacious iPhone 6 have been thin on the ground, purportedly because it will hit production later than its smaller stablemate.

But now what appears to be an authentic–looking rear shell of the device has appeared, apparently sourced from Apple’s supply chain. It seems to have the same design as the smaller shell, with screw holes, cutout Apple logo and True Tone flash all appearing in the right positions.

There are also the same plastic lines designed to act as antenna breaks in the all–metal frame.

With so few parts of the 5.5–inch iPhone 6 leaking, questions are being raised about whether it will be released at the same time as the 4.7–inch version.

Rumours have suggested Apple may release the smaller phone first, with the larger one landing just ahead of Christmas. Or even slipping to next year.


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