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iPhone 6 NFC rumours heat up

iPhone 6 NFC rumours heat up

The iPhone 6 looks set to come good on a recent slew of rumours regarding the device’s NFC capabilities. At last.

In a new, idiosyncratic post, journalist and renowned Apple-watcher John Gruber claims the company will indeed use the tech for mobile payments made from its new new handset.

Writing on his Daring Fireball site, Gruber stated: “I’ve been working on a new joke — about NFC and a new secure enclave where you can store your credit cards, so you can pay for things at brick and mortar retail stores just by taking out your iPhone, but only if it’s one of the new iPhones — but no one seems to get my sense of humor [sic].”

The ‘joke’ line refers to a recent Gruber Tweet in which he claimed he was just larking about Apple releasing a smartwatch next month, despite making that very prediction.

Gruber is known to have impeccable connections inside Apple, so it looks like these NFC plans are the real deal.

If so, it’ll put an end to years of rumours about Apple using the tech, which has been ubiquitous on rival devices since the end of the last decade.

However, unlike its rivals Apple’s NFC implementation is believed to use a secure enclave of its upcoming A8 chip, designed to make mobile payments extra secure.

Paying for goods with phones is possible, but remains a niche proposition. Expect Apple to talk up these skills like no other manufacturer has ever done before, though.


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