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iPhone 6 rumour: 128GB model incoming?

iPhone 6 rumour: 128GB model incoming?

The iPhone 6 could be the largest capacity Apple smartphone so far, reports suggest, as the focal role handsets play in consumers lives drives demand for more storage.

Leaked documents obtained by GeekBar and brought to wider attention by G for Games appear to outline plans for a 128GB edition of the next-generation iPhone, with storage provided by Toshiba and Hynix. That’s twice the size of the current maximum storage iteration of the iPhone 5S.

A larger storage option, which has been rumoured for months, certainly makes sense. And, with one thing and another, it feels like the time is right for it to happen.

Until now, it’s thought that Apple was concerned that iPhone-owners who didn’t back up their 128GB devices would lose too much data. However, improvements to its iCloud cloud storage service have removed that obstacle.

iphone 6 128gb geekbar

Perhaps perplexingly, though, the document makes no mention of a 32GB edition. Instead, there are 16GB, 64GB and the deluxe 128GB models only. That seems odd to us, given that it’s actually a bit of a sweet spot for a lot of consumers.

But having said that we’re sure there’s probably some commercial imperative behind the move that’s beyond the ken of humble tech scribes.

How much we’d have to pay for 128GB of storage isn’t clear. But going by Apple’s policy of adding £80 for each grade of higher capacity phone, it’ll probably come in at £240 more than the entry-level model.

The iPhone 6 in its 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iterations is expected to tip up on September 9th. As well as a design rethink, improvements are rumoured to include a better battery and a revamped camera.



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