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  5. iPhone 6: unseen blurrycam photo leaks online

iPhone 6: unseen blurrycam photo leaks online

iPhone 6: unseen blurrycam photo leaks online

A fresh photo of what's claimed to be the iPhone 6 has surfaced online. And convincingly market-ready it looks too.

We were sent the image by leaks-game newcomer @Mk2Naser. But belying his novice status, it’s fair to say that Naser has unearthed an impressively authentic snap, with the handset in the photo bearing all the gloss and production polish we’ve come to expect from Apple kit.

iphone 6 leak mcd

That much is apparent even despite the blurrycam apparently used for the shot.

Present and correct too in the photo are the iPhone 6's new, more rounded design and the super-slim dimensions that mean the 7mm thick handset is shaping up to one of the thinnest smartphones ever.

Look closely and you’ll also clock a hint of the repositioned on-off button, which now sits next to the redesigned volume buttons on the iPhone 6’s left-hand side.

Is it the real deal, though? We won’t know for sure until next month when Apple is set to lift the lid on its new contender, most likely at a press event on the 9th.

As with last year’s model, the 2014 iPhone comes in two variants: a 5.5-inch phablet and 4.7-inch model, representing a major change from the four-inches of screen space we’ve had to content ourselves with since the iPhone 4S.

Other mooted changes we can look forward to are a very welcome beefier battery, more processing brawn and a significant upgrade for the camera.



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