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iPhone 6 Plus shown being bent out of shape

iPhone 6 Plus shown being bent out of shape

Apple’s capacious new iPhone 6 Plus may be the company’s hottest-ever smartphone. But it appears the Cupertino company could have made the device a touch too thin for comfort, after a series of social media posts and videos showed it bending in the middle when put under pressure.

The most extreme example came in a YouTube clip from Unbox Therapy, in which the presenter is able to use his bare hands to make the iPhone 6 Plus appear as flexible and pliant as an uxorious husband.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 was subjected to the same treatment, but didn’t appear to budge one bit.

However, it’s real-world instances of the iPhone 6 Plus's apparent fragility that appear to be of greatest concern.

iphone 6 plus bent screen

One MacRumours forum user said he drove for four hours, spent time sitting down to dinner and drove home, only to find his spanking new handset had a kink in the middle when he pulled it from his pocket.

Another post on the same forum showed a device refusing to sit flat after being shoved in a front pocket all day. At no point did any of the handsets in question stop working.

This is all, of course, anecdotal, but it does suggest Apple could be about to face some serious issues if more users complain of issues with their iPhone 6 Plus.

Those of you will long memories, will recall that the iPhone 4 ‘death grip’ niggle blew up in much the same way.

Apple sold over ten million new iPhones over the weekend, smashing its own sales record.

There is currently a three-to-four-week wait on orders placed on its online store.



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