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  5. New iPads: Will iPhone 6 kill off demand for Apple tablet?

New iPads: Will iPhone 6 kill off demand for Apple tablet?

New iPads: Will iPhone 6 kill off demand for Apple tablet?

Apple is said to be lining up another event next month, where it will apparently show off its new iPad range.

The iPad Air 2 is almost certain to be on show, but recent rumours have suggested a new version of the iPad Mini with Retina Display is likely to be held back until early next year.

That could be seen as a somewhat bizarre move by the Cupertino company, but does delaying it make sense?

In the wake of the iPhone 6’s and iPhone 6 Plus’s release, perhaps.

Releasing the smaller iPad so soon after the launch of its beefed-up iPhones could see the slate drowned out as hype around the handsets continues in the run-up to Christmas.

Maybe it would be better to have last year’s pared-back iPads available for the festive period and try and grab a few new consumers with Christmas money to burn come January.

iphone 6 ipad air 2 touch id

This all plays into the wider debate surrounding the future of the iPad.

Former-BlackBerry exec Thorsten Heins was laughed out of town in April 2013 when he claimed tablets were a temporary stage in mobile evolution.

But his words don’t seem so crazy now. iPad sales dropped over the summer, leading Tim Cook to claim that this was just a ‘speed bump’.

But the surge in demand for phablets suggests otherwise.

And now, leading that line and potentially cannibalising iPad sales are Apple’s new iPhones.

There’s no way that users will flock to an iterative update of the iPad in the same way they have to a redesigned, reimagined iPhone 6.

ipad 5 video leak

Touch ID just isn’t that big a draw.

Then of course, there’s the fact that you don’t want or need to upgrade a tablet every year.

Hell, even the original iPad works just fine and there are plenty of reasons to stick with older models rather than buy a new one.

If Apple or Google are serving up new software for old kit, why bother changing?

Diversifying the iPad line is seemingly now a priority for Apple. Steve Jobs said they’d never make a mini version. They did.

iphone 6 large side on

Rumours of a larger, 13–inch model were shot down.

Now they’re back, with a launch date for the so–called iPad Pro expected in spring 2015.

Apple needs the iPad to be a success, but if the iPhone 6 maintains its sales levels, why would you choose a 7-inch iPad mini over a 5.5–inch iPhone 6 which has more functionality?

This will all be played out over the coming months.

But it seems we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the tablet boom.

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