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Apple Pay setup plans revealed

Apple Pay setup plans revealed

Apple’s new mobile-payment system, Apple Pay, is set to launch in the US next week, when it's expected to be introduced with a software update.

But details of just how users will be able to set up and use their credit and debit cards on the service have already been revealed, thanks to a leak of the company’s training materials.

We already know that Apple Pay will be the only way to harness the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s NFC tech for the time being.

But leaked info from the training manuals also indicates that users will be able to set up Apple Pay either via Passbook when first setting the phone up, or in a new tab in iOS’s Settings app.

Users will be able to scan cards using the iPhone’s camera, or via an iTunes account. Up to eight cards can be added, with an impressive array of drill-down features giving iPhone owners greater control over their spending.

A list of recent transactions will be visible for each card, as well as bank contact details and direct access to accompanying financial apps.

What’s more, Passbook will automatically update cards when they expire, feeding off direct information from a user’s bank. That means there’s no need to scan or change bank details in iTunes whenever a card reaches the end of its life.

Apple Pay is set to be available in US Apple stores, as well as key locations such as Starbucks and Walgreens. Sadly, there’s no word on when us Brits get to join the mobile-payment revolution.



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