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Apple releases iOS 8.1.1

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1

Apple has released the latest iteration of iOS. iOS 8.1.1 has been long awaited by those still affected by issues connecting Bluetooth devices to their iPhones and iPads and users with dropped Wi–Fi connections.

According to Cupertino, the update is specifically aimed at those using older iPhone 4S and iPad 2 models. Apple says performance and stability on these products will be improved by the new software.

Other than minor tweaks, iOS 8.1.1 offers no major changes. Apple’s last update brought Apple Pay to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users in the United States, as well as fixing problems with the native Health app and in–car Bluetooth connections.

iOS 8 is now on 56% of all iOS devices, after a slow start which saw it panned for causing iPhones and iPads to run slowly, lose mobile data and regularly drop calls.

Two major updates are said to be in the pipeline for early 2015, tying in with rumoured release dates for the Apple Watch and large–screened iPad Pro.

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