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Apple Watch production set to begin

Apple Watch production set to begin

Apple Watch chip makers are all set to begin production of the company’s much–hyped new wearable, with ‘industry sources’ divulging plans to notorious Taiwanese gossip mongers Digitimes.

Word is that Apple has placed orders for between 30 and 40 million smart watches, with those making the customised system–in–package chip all set to start work on mass production.

How this news will affect the devices release date remains to be seen. While some rumours have pointed to a February launch date, Apple itself has not committed to anything more than ‘early 2015’. A recent memo to Apple store staff pointed to a late spring date.

Prices are also yet to be fixed, beyond the $350 for the entry level model. A recent report from France claimed Apple would charge $500 for the stainless steel edition of the watch and $4,000 for the top–of–the–range gold version.

Apple is hoping its watch can build on the early successes of Samsung and Google in the smart watch space. Its device features a scroll wheel on the side as well as full touchscreen with haptic feedback.

Source Digitimes

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