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Apple Watch screen details revealed

Apple Watch screen details revealed

The screen resolutions of each Apple Watch model have been revealed, after Cupertino announced the release of its WatchKit developer tools.

The larger 42mm screen model will pack a 312 x 390 resolution, while the smaller 38mm version will have a 272 x 340 display. The information was included in material released to devs.

Interestingly, Apple dubs these ‘retina’ displays in its developer materials, insisting those making apps for its smart watch should ensure imagery looks the same on either size device.

The release of WatchKit marks the next stage in the process of getting the Apple Watch onto shelves. Developers will be able to make apps for the smart watch as long as they are driven by the iPhone, with notifications and so–called Glances for real time information such as headlines and sports scores. Those wanting to create apps native to the watch will have to wait for a further SDK in the new year.

WatchKit is part of the wider iOS 8.2 beta release. It has been widely known that this version of Apple’s mobile OS will herald the arrival of the Apple Watch. However, a specific release date is still to be confirmed. A spring launch has been rumoured.

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