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  5. iOS 8 now installed on 63% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 8 now installed on 63% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 8 now installed on 63% of iPhones and iPads

Apple’s iOS 8 is now installed on 63% of all iPhones and iPads, with adoption rates jumping as the company gets to grips with a series of bugs and issues with its mobile operating system.

According to official figures released via Apple’s developer pages, the number of iPhones and tablets running iOS 8 rose by 7% from November. iOS 7 has dropped to just 33% of devices, while just 4% are using older editions of the software.

The latest adoption numbers come as [Apple releases iOS 8.1.2](/mobiles/news/2014/12/applereleasesios81_2/(), its latest build of the software, designed to tweak the platform and fix a number of small bugs, including lost ringtones.

Growing adoption will doubtless please Apple as it looks to release iOS 8.2 in the new year, which includes its WatchKit software development kit for the forthcoming Apple Watch.

That major update could come as soon as February if some rumours are to be believed.

iOS 8’s widespread adoption also throws into sharp contrast Google’s struggles with Android fragmentation.

Its operating system is now spread over a series of versions, with the latest, Lollipop, on fewer than 0.1% of devices despite being out over a month.



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