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Apple working on iPhone smart glasses?


Apple is readying a pair of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, designed to work with the iPhone. That’s according to a well–known tech watcher, who claims to have heard the news at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Robert Scoble took to Facebook to claim that Apple has teamed up with Zeiss optics, known for its smartphone camera lenses and other imaging tech.

He says that the glasses could even be released in 2017, having initially believed they would be held back until next year.

This is not the first time in recent months that a pair of AR iPhone specs have been mooted.

In November, a report from Bloomberg claimed that Apple had ordered components in order to begin testing the glasses, which could potentially see maps, business details and contacts overlaid on a user’s real world view.

While Zeiss would be the ideal partner, it seems unlikely Apple would launch its AR specs so soon, especially as its focus in 2017 is the launch of an all–new iPhone.

It’s also unclear how Apple would surmount the issues which Google faced with its doomed Glass project.



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