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  5. iPhone 8 set to be fully dust and waterproof

iPhone 8 set to be fully dust and waterproof

iPhone 7 jug of water

Apple’s new iPhone 8 will be able to withstand longer and more sustained periods of water exposure, with the Cupertino company’s new device coming with an IP68 rating.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are IP67 rated, which means that they are fully dust-proof, but can only be marketed as splash-resistant. They can withstand being immersed in water between fifteen centimetres and one metre.

IP68 certification could see the iPhone 8 able to handle being dropped in as much one and a half metres of water for up to half an hour.

Sources close to the supply chain say the move is being made in a concerted effort to make the iPhone 8 stand out from the crowd when it launches later this year.

The insiders say that Samsung is seeking to have its upcoming Galaxy S8 certified to the same level. Last year’s Galaxy S7 was also given an IP68 rating.

Full dust and water resistance is the latest feature to be added to a growing roster of rumoured iPhone 8 specs. The new phone is also set to feature a curved screen, 3D dual lens camera and true wireless charging smarts.

Source Korea Herald

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