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Amazon’s Alexa comes to iPhone

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Amazon Alexa, the online emporium’s virtual assistant found in its at home Echo and Echo Dot products, has arrived on Apple’s iPhone.

The Siri-style voice-activated digital assistant is now part of the official Amazon app, meaning you can shop by simply speaking with your phone and play tunes via Amazon Music.

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You can also ask it questions about the weather or sports results and control kit at home that features Internet-of-Things tech.

In fact, the only thing it can’t do that the Echo speaker, on which Alexa debuted, can is lock doors using Amazon’s new Door Lock API for smart locks. This is likely to affect a minute number of users.

Amazon is maintaining the existing Alexa app as well, which users will need to tweak settings.

The rollout of the new Amazon app for iPhone has begun today, with plans to have it available for every compatible edition of Apple's smartphone within the next week.

The move throws down the gauntlet to both Apple and Google, the latter having pushed out its Assistant tool to all Android phones earlier this month.


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