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  5. iPhone 8: OLED screens may be behind expected price hike

iPhone 8: OLED screens may be behind expected price hike

iPhone 8 Handy Abovergleich

Apple’s iPhone 8 has long been rumoured to come with a price tag north of $1,000. And now the reason has become clear: OLED screens.

Reports from Taiwan suggest that the ultra bright, low power displays will require more expensive 3D Touch units.

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Currently Apple pays $9 for every 3D Touch part fitted to an iPhone. That's set to rise to $15 for the iPhone 8.

Apple is renowned for its high profit margins, so it seems fair to surmise that the extra cost will almost certainly be passed onto consumers.

3D Touch has been a key iPhone feature since the iPhone 6s launched in 2015.

It allows users to register presses as well as swipes and has become a core part of many native and third-party apps.

Apple’s decision to use a new, all–glass design and improved dual-lens camera are also likely to see the price of its top–end iPhone 8 rise steeply compared with existing models.

Whether that proves a turn-off for consumers remains to be seen.



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