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  5. iPhone 8 will feature USB–C and curved screen, says new report

iPhone 8 will feature USB–C and curved screen, says new report

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept

Apple’s next–generation iPhone 8 will come with a curved display and will controversially ditch the existing Lightning charging port for the widely adopted USB–C standard, rumours suggest.

News of Apple's plans stems from a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report citing anonymous insiders ‘familiar with the matter’.

This is perhaps the most concrete pointer we've had towards what to expect from the iPhone 8, with the WSJ known for having solid connections with the Californian tech giant.

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Plans for a curved screen have long been mooted, but recent reports suggested Apple may keep the standard flatscreen found in existing iPhones due to looming supply-chain problems.

However, the sources cited in the report Apple has ordered enough curved displays from Samsung to meet demand.

They also confirmed that Apple will release two flatscreen models this year, which will be fairly incremental updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Interestingly, the insiders claim that all three models will feature a USB–C port instead of Apple’s own Lightning connector.

This would mark a huge departure for Apple, but would help it keep a long-standing promise to offer standardised charging on its smartphone.

The move would also mean that USB–C headphones would work with the iPhone 8. That would leave those who bought special Lightning headphones for the iPhone 7 especially affronted after the company ditched the standard headphone slot from its phones last year.

The WSJ’s sources also corroborated existing rumours that Apple will get rid of the home button and replace it with a ‘function area’ that works a bit like a TouchPad on Macbooks and will opt for an all-glass design.

The iPhone 8 is expected to launch in September.



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