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iPhone 8: evidence mounts for OLED screen

Apple places order with Samsung for 70 million OLED displays.
ipone 8 concept vergleich

Apple has ordered 70 million OLED screens from its major rival Samsung, seemingly rubber-stamping reports that the display technology will be on board the iPhone 8.

A supply-chain source has revealed details of the deal between the two major smartphone makers, with analyst David Hsieh saying Samsung could ramp up production and make as many as 95 million displays to meet demand.

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Hsieh also claims that Samsung will be the only supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone 8, with Apple favouring the Korean company on the grounds that no-one else can match its advanced display tech.

The displays, which are said to be slightly curved at the sides, will be a core feature in the redesigned iPhone 8.

The same source which let slip news of the tie–up between Apple and Samsung also says that the iPhone 8 will feature a special 3D sensor for facial recognition.

The latter is a key spec in the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8, although reports suggest it is less than 100% secure.

Apple is also priming wireless charging for the iPhone 8, alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, says the insider.

Apple’s new iPhone range is not due to launch until autumn.



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