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  5. iPhone 8: AirPods could be included with new phone, rumour suggests

iPhone 8: AirPods could be included with new phone, rumour suggests


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8 could come bundled with AirPods wireless headphones, it has emerged.

That’s the word from analysts at banking giant JP Morgan, who have been speaking with insiders close to Apple’s Asian supply chain.

Including the wireless headphones in the box makes sense, given the expectation that the iPhone 8 will not feature a standard headphone slot, much like the iPhone 7.

Rather than opting for standard wired earphones that connect via the device’s charging port, along with an adaptor to allow the use of older headphones, bundling AirPods with the handset would allow Apple to push its wireless product and show the world that cables have had their day.

There are plenty of reasons it could not happen, however. For one, this is the first time such a rumour has surfaced.

For another, AirPods cost £159, meaning Apple would have to factor them into the price of the iPhone 8, pushing the cost close to the £1,000 mark.

The same analysts claim that Apple will boost the speaker performance of the iPhone 8, as well as improve the device’s levels of water and dust resistance.

The iPhone 8 is likely to launch in September and hit shop shelves later in the year.

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