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  5. iPhone 8 images show Apple's plans to include function area

iPhone 8 images show Apple's plans to include function area

Bottom of device could display information depending on app being used.
iPhone 8 function area

A new series of renders have shown off Apple’s mooted plans for a so–called function area on the iPhone 8.

According to word from analysts and supply chain sources, the function area sits at the bottom of the phone as part of the screen but separate from the main display.

As on Apple’s recently relaunched MacBook Pro, such an area can offer connect-aware information, whether it’s a pick up or hang up button when a call comes in, track info from Apple Music or Spotify, or app specific functions such as bookmarking and back buttons in Safari.


It’s also likely to be the home of Touch ID, with the fingerprint scanner embedded beneath the display.

The function area is said to leave around 5.15–inches of ‘usable’ screen above it, replacing the physical home button as the way to fire up and open an iPhone.

The iPhone 8 is set to launch in September, with an expected release date of late October.

Other features are thought to include a vertical camera and 3D facial recognition.

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