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  5. Apple releases iOS 10.3.3, including critical security update

Apple releases iOS 10.3.3, including critical security update

Apple iOS 10.3 update

Apple has officially released iOS 10.3.3 for iPhone and iPad. The new version of its operating system, which does not feature any major design changes, is likely to be the last iOS software release before iOS 11 launches in September.

Although technically only a minor upgrade, Apple has revealed it includes a patch to fix a glitch that could have allowed hackers to break into an iPhone via its WiFi chip.

Elsewhere, Apple says there are a number of other minor tweaks to look out for, including a fix for notifications appearing on the lock screen when it's disabled and a new way to prevent hackers crashing the Messages app.

Users of older iOS devices, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, are likely to find this is the last update available for their smartphones.

This is because iOS 11 will only support 64-bit apps, while the aforementioned pair only support 32-bit add-ons.

The change means that older phones will not support newer versions of apps, essentially forcing consumers to upgrade if they want to continue using the apps they love.

iOS 11 is set to land on iPhone and iPad at the same time as Apple reveals its long-awaited iPhone 8.



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