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  5. iPhone 8 to ditch fingerprint security in favour of face scanning tech?

iPhone 8 to ditch fingerprint security in favour of face scanning tech?

iPhone 8 dummy model video

The iPhone 8 might not feature a fingerprint sensor, it has been claimed. Instead, you could unlock your phone just by looking at it, thanks to facial recognition technology.

According to business news site Bloomberg, a 3D face-scanning system will replace Touch ID for all its functions. So you'll use it to log in to apps, unlock the phone and to verify payments.

It can also work at different angles, so will function if the phone is flat on the table or being held upright.

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It reportedly takes just a few hundred milliseconds to recognise a user's face and unlock the device.

And because it analyses in 3D, it shouldn't be fooled by a photograph of said user's face, as some facial recognition tech has been in the past.

Face scanning security is reportedly more secure than fingerprint recognition, as it draws on more identifiers.

Apple could also employ iris-recognition security to keep personal data out of the wrong hands.

The tech – previously seen in Samsung handsets – reads a user's eyeball to ensure they are the handset's owner.

While this remains speculation for now, other rumours seem to support it.

Apple is reportedly working on an edge-to-edge screen for the iPhone 8, leaving no room for the home button, which currently incorporates the fingerprint sensor.

This would mean moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone, or relocating it in the power button.

Alternatively, Apple could drop it altogether, and opt for facial recognition.

Whatever the technology giant decides, we should find out in September, when the iPhone 8 is announced.



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