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iPhone 8: Apple teases iOS 11 AR apps ahead of launch

Augmented reality AR phone

Apple isn't due to bring augmented reality (AR) apps to iPhone users for at least two weeks.

But the tech press was treated to a sneak peek at what to expect after the company trailed some applications using the ARKit tools at a special event at its California campus.

Big-name developers including Ikea, The Food Network and AMC TV, showed off their plans for apps utilising AR, technology which Apple CEO Tim Cook believes could radically change how we use our phones over the next few years.

AR works by layering virtual scenes over real-world views, something already seen in smash hit games such as Pokemon Go.

ARKit allows for more realistic views compared with older AR apps. Ikea’s new Ikea Place app lets users measure rooms and place furniture in them, and walk up to items to see how big they are and even assess what textiles and finishes look like.

Game developer Climax Studios used the gathering to show off a new game, Arise, which works by tilting an iPhone to push characters around a puzzle scene.

Best of all, these games will work on devices with an A9 processor, meaning they're compatible with Apple devices from the iPhone 6s or iPad Pro or later.

However, they’re likely to work best on the soon-to-land iPhone 8.

Apple will doubtless detail more ARKit plans at its iPhone 8 launch event, apparently planned for 12th September.


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