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iPhone 8 new concept shows off plans for home bar


A series of concept images have shown off what Apple could be planning for the iPhone 8’s so–called home bar, as we count down to the handset's official unveiling next month.

A series of leaks in recent weeks suggests that the virtual home button and other navigation keys are likely to appear at the bottom of the device’s screen.

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The design change will also see Apple ditch the standard, physical home button for the first time.

The concept images, derived from code discovered in software released by Apple for its upcoming HomePod speaker, show an area across the bottom of the display that will allow for navigation back to the home screen.

It will also show notifications and will have the ability to deliver information pertaining to whatever app is open at at the time.

It's thought that the function area could also disappear completely when the iPhone 8 is in full-screen mode.

According to previous rumours, it will not form part of the main screen and will always be visible whenever full-screen mode has not been activated.

As well as changes to the home button, the iPhone 8 is said to feature a new vertical dual lens camera, wireless charging and 3D facial recognition technology.



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