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  5. iPhone 8 set to offer improved 4K video recording on front and rear cameras

iPhone 8 set to offer improved 4K video recording on front and rear cameras


The iPhone 8 looks set to offer the ability to record 4K/Ultra HD video at 60 frames per second (fps), with the handset's front and rear cameras both equipped with the feature.

The latest discovery from Apple’s HomePod software, which has already given up a slew of secrets about the iPhone 8, suggests Apple is looking to boost its existing 4K video offering.

Currently only the rear camera on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can handle 4K video at 30fps, with the front-facing camera shooting 1080p.

Leaked code focusing on 4K shooting shows identifiers for ‘front’ and ‘back’, meaning it’s almost certain this feature will make the final version of the iPhone 8.


Offering 4K video with the iPhone 8’s rear camera is a given for Apple, which is heavily backing the handset's augmented reality-focused ARKit function.

Revealed during its WWDC showcase event, the AR development toolkit allows developers to overly virtual imagery on top of real-world views.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said he sees the future of smartphones centring on augmented reality.

The HomePod software has seemingly also confirmed plans for a new, bezel–free design, SmartCam mode for shooting in different conditions and 3D facial recognition tech.

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