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  5. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus prices announced on Sky Mobile

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus prices announced on Sky Mobile


Sky Mobile has announced price plans for Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, with the option to pick up one of Apple’s sharp new smartphones for £32 a month with no upfront cost.

That deal, on Sky’s Swap24 package, covers the 64GB iPhone 8, with 500MB and free calls and texts for Sky TV customers.

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For £37 a month and £99 upfront, you can score the same phone on Sky’s Swap12, letting you snag a new phone in a year’s time.

Those who don’t want to pay any upfront fee but want more data can do so on Sky’s other Swap24 packages.

1GB of data plus calls and texts costs £37 a month on this deal, rising to £42 for 5GB and £47 for 10GB. All include calls and texts for Sky TV customers.

Those who want a new phone next year can pay extra to go onto Sky’s Swap12 deal, getting an iPhone 8 with 1GB data for £42 a month, 5GB for £47 and 10GB for £52, with the same £99 upfront fee as the most basic Swap12 offer.

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Sky Mobile is also offering the more bigger iPhone 8 Plus on its Swap12 and Swap24 packages, with the chance to snag one with 500MB a month on a Swap24 package for just £37, paying nothing for the phone upfront.

That rises to £44 a month on Swap12, with the same 500MB a month and an initial fee of £99. Customers can also secure more data on 1GB, 5GB and 10GB packages.

Non Sky TV customers can also sign up, but will have to pay for calls and texts as they go. Unused data can be rolled over to the next month using Sky’s Roll service.

And anyone who chooses not to upgrade their phone at the end of a Swap12 or Swap24 contract will see their monthly costs drop as they’ll no longer be paying for their handset.

Sky says it will also be selling the iPhone X, with plans to be announced soon.

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