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iPhone 8 / iPhone X: evidence mounts of shortages and delays

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Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8 is facing ‘extended supply shortfalls’ which will lead to major delays in the device being shipped to consumers, it has been claimed.

The word from industry insiders speaking with the Wall Street Journal is that the delays are due to manufacturing problems plaguing the development of the iPhone 8 earlier this year.

Apple is said to have struggled to get the OLED display for the device correctly installed, meaning it will not have enough units to satisfy what is likely to be huge demand when the iPhone 8 launches on 12th September.

In related news, ‘trusted sources’ have told TechCrunch that the iPhone 8 will ship ‘at a later time’ compared with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which are also slated for release next week.

It’s not yet clear if Apple will start taking pre–orders for the iPhone 8 on 15th September, as has been rumoured.

While this would boost sales, it could also lead to problems further down the line if it is unable to meet demand.

The iPhone 8, which may well be called the iPhone X, is set to come with a new, bezel–free design, dual lens camera and 3D facial scanning tech.




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