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  5. iPhone 8, AKA iPhone X, may not be available until November

iPhone 8, AKA iPhone X, may not be available until November


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8 may be getting its official launch on 12th September. But today we're hearing tell that it may not actually be available to buy until November.

Korean parts suppliers told local media that they only started shipping components last week. Meanwhile, Apple has yet to even announce expected supply volumes.

Want more iPhone 8 news? We've collated all the speculation for our rumours round-up.

The source cited in reports says Apple was still working on the final hardware as late as last week.

We're not told which parts his firm were making, only that it usually delivered components early on in the production cycle.

Analysts have long claimed that Apple would only offer the iPhone 8, or iPhone X as it could be named, in small quantities at launch.

Ming Chi Kuo, who is known for getting his predictions spot on, previously said Apple will not have anything approaching a solid supply of its new smartphone until November.

However, the hype around the device means pre–orders are likely to be huge when they open a week or so after its unveiled.


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