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iPhone X Face ID fail: Apple explains unlocking problem at launch event

iPhone X Face ID facial

Apple has hit back at claims that its new Face ID security system failed while being shown off during this week’s iPhone X unveiling, claiming the 'glitch' actually proved that the technology works properly.

While demoing the iPhone X’s ability to scan a user’s face in order to quickly unlock the phone, Apple’s Craig Federighi was forced to use a second device when his own model demanded his passcode.

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This led to a swathe of comments online questioning Face ID’s reliability, giving rivals succour after Apple unveiled its most exciting iPhone in years.

However, Apple says that the problem was down to other people using Federighi’s phone before the keynote.

In a statement, Apple said: “People were handling the device for stage demo ahead of time and didn’t realize [sic] Face ID was trying to authenticate their face.

"After failing a number of times, because they weren’t Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode.”

In other words, “Face ID worked as it was designed to.”

It’s a decent explanation, although one that's unlikely to impress the naysayers who reckon Apple’s facial scanning tech won’t pass muster when the iPhone X hits shelves on 3rd November.

The iPhone X goes for pre–order on 23rd October. And we're guessing its steep £999 and £1,149 price points won't deter those bowled over by its stunning design and all–new camera.



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