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  5. Apple promises new emoji with iOS 11.1

Apple promises new emoji with iOS 11.1


Apple has confirmed that a string of new emoji will be made available with iOS 11.1, the first major update to its newly released operating system.

The emoji will include ‘I love you’, as well as a host of other Apple-specific options. These take in everything from dinosaurs to hedgehogs, broccoli to wizards.

Apple says it will also adopt other characters, unveiled on World Emoji Day, including the likes of woman in headscarf, breastfeeding mother and bearded person.

Releasing new emoji has become a major landmark on both iOS and Google’s Android, as the platforms battle for supremacy among consumers.

The updated emoji will be available to developers and those signed up to Apple’s iOS public testing programme next week. There is no date for when iOS 11.1 will be released to the general public.

iOS 11.1 is also expected to come with Apple Pay Cash and iCloud Messages, allowing users to store older missives in the cloud.

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