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  5. Apple Pay Cash starts working with iOS 11

Apple Pay Cash starts working with iOS 11

apple pay cash

Apple has finally rolled out its Apple Pay Cash peer–to–peer payment service, five months after it was first unveiled during its Worldwide Developer Conference.

The service allows iPhone owners to pay each other via their Messages app, with funds being loaded onto a dedicated Apple Pay Cash card found in the handset’s wallet.

This money can then be used to pay for goods or transferred to a connected bank account.

The rollout comes after the service was delayed, missing the initial launch of iOS 11 to the general public in September.

However, those who want to use Apple Pay Cash will need to be signed up to Apple’s iOS public beat testing programme and live in the United States.

A wider release of Apple Pay Cash is due when iOS 11.2 hits devices later this year. However, there’s still no news on when the service will be available in the UK.

Considering the Apple Pay contactless payments system took a year to make it to these shores after its release in the US, iPhone owners could be in for a long wait.



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