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iPhone X speaker problems discovered

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Apple is facing up to more potential problems with the new iPhone X, after multiple users complained that the earpiece speaker on the device crackles at high volume.

The issue is said to occur no matter what kind of audio is played, be it a call, music, podcast or alarm.

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It comes just weeks after Apple released a software update for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which also suffered from similar problems, albeit only when making calls.

It’s not yet clear whether the issue with the iPhone X is hardware or software-related, with Apple said to be working on a fix.

The California company is apparently replacing affected phones, although has yet to make an official statement.

Although this bug appears to be isolated, it marks the latest in a growing list of issues with the iPhone X, including screen burn–in and the device becoming unresponsive in cold weather.

For a handset which starts at £999 SIM–free, these are errors which Apple could well do without, especially as supply remains constrained and rival smartphones are more readily available.



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