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Gmail gets optimised for iPhone X

iPhone X gmail update hero

Gmail has been optimised for Apple’s new iPhone X, a month after the tenth anniversary Apple smartphone hit shelves.

The change means that users of Gmail with an iPhone X will get a full-screen experience, with the app taking up the entire display.

Previously, the notch at the top of the screen meant that Gmail appeared 'letterboxed'.

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For those who haven’t splashed out on a new iPhone X, Google has one other big reason to update.

It’s now letting iPhone users add non–Google email accounts to Gmail, a feature which has been a cornerstone of the email app's Android edition for years.

In recent times Google has been pushing users to switch to Inbox, its alternative email app that offers a more streamlined experience.

The changes to Gmail offer another reason to swerve Apple’s own Mail app, which continues to lag behind rival offerings available within its App Store.

Microsoft’s Outlook, as well as Gmail, continues to offer a much savvier email experience.




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