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iPhone and iPad owners still seem unsure about iOS 11

Just 59% of compatible devices have latest Apple platform installed.
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iOS 11 has been installed on just 59% of compatible iPhones and iPads, with owners seemingly reticent to install the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The numbers represent just a 7% rise compared with the start of November, despite Apple issuing a series of bug fixes and updates to improve the stability of the platform.

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33% of users are still running last year’s iOS 10, with a further 8% using even older versions of the software.

It’s not clear why users seem to be slow in adopting iOS 11. There have been a number of minor issues raised on Apple discussion boards, as well as disappointment that services such as Apple Pay Cash, which allows payments via text message, were not available at launch.

The latter is now available, although only for devices in the United States.

iOS 11.2, released over the weekend, does also bring a number of changes, with Apple hoping that it can convince owners of older handsets and tablets to upgrade as soon as possible.



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