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iOS 11 now on 65% of iPhones and iPads


iOS 11 has been installed on 65% of compatible iPhones and iPads, a jump of 6% since the start of December.

2016’s iOS 10 remains on 28% of Apple devices, while a further 7% are running older versions.

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The numbers represent a relatively slow adoption rate compared with iOS 10’s take up in the wake of the iPhone 7’s launch.

However, compared with Google’s Android Oreo, the platform is performing admirably. Just 0.7% of Android handsets have Google’s latest software.

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Apple is facing an uphill battle to convince iOS 11 refuseniks to make the jump, in the wake of the scandal surrounding its decision to slow down older phones and concerns about major security flaws.

The latter are due to be addressed by an imminent update to the operating system, while a future upgrade is set to show users more details on the health of their batteries according to CEO Tim Cook.



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