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iOS 12: Apple delaying new features to improve reliability

iOS 11 hero image

Apple has decided to delay a series of changes planned for its next–generation iOS 12 software, it has been claimed, as part of a wider bid to boost security and stability of iPhones and iPads.

According to reports, Apple software chief Craig Federighi revealed the news to staff in early January.

Before iOS 12, we've got iOS 11.3 to come in March. Here's what we know so far.

It means that there will be no major overhaul of iOS’s home screen, with CarPlay also set to miss out on significant tweaks.

Mail is also likely to keep the same look and feel, despite being in real need of an update.

Having been forced to issue an apology and slash the price of iPhone batteries in the wake of revelations that it was slowing down older handsets, Apple is said to be switching focus to making iOS swifter and easier to use.

Find out more about Apple's £25 battery replacement scheme.

It’s likely to mean 2018 is a quiet year for iOS and the iPhone, with Apple making seemingly minor changes to both software and hardware in order to deliver marginal gains.

Recent rumours have suggested new iPhone models will stick to the same design as 2017’s game–changing iPhone X.



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