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  5. iPhone battery replacement programme could hamper sales, claim analysts

iPhone battery replacement programme could hamper sales, claim analysts

iphone 6 battery charging

Apple’s decision to slash the cost of batteries for older iPhones following the revelation that it was intentionally slowing older devices could see sales fall by the millions in 2018.

Analysts at Barclays reckon the move will mean consumers opt to have give their existing iPhone a new lease of life via a new power pack, rather than upgrading to a newer model.

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One of Barclays’ analysts, Mark Moskowitz, reckons as many as 77% of iPhone owners are eligible for a cheap battery upgrade. He believes that if 10% of the world’s 519 million iPhone owners take up Apple’s offer, it could lead to a 16 million shortfall in sales.

The numbers are unlikely to worry Apple too much, as the tech giants are expected to unveil record breaking Christmas sales figures in the next few weeks.

Apple was forced to admit that it was slowing iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE units after users found their devices became virtually unusable when installing the latest iOS 11 software. It defended the move, saying it was aimed at prolonging the life of devices, denying it did so to force consumers to buy a new model.



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