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iPhone battery replacement programme to start early

iphone 6 battery charging

Apple says it will not force owners of older iPhones to wait until the end of January in order to take advantage of discounted replacement batteries.

In a statement, Apple said: “We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.”

The change in timeframe is in the U.S only for now.

Apple was heavily criticised over the Christmas period when it confirmed that it slowed the performance of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, in what it claimed was a bid to improve the longevity of devices.

iPhone owners, however, countered that Apple was slowing older devices to force them to upgrade to newer models.

In the UK, a replacement battery for an iPhone 6 or newer will now cost just £25, down from £79.

However, demand is likely to be sky high. The replacement programme will run until December 2018.

It is not yet clear if Apple will bring forward replacements here in the UK, with late January still the likely timeframe for the programme to start.



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