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  5. Apple iCloud update set to offer website sign–ins

Apple iCloud update set to offer website sign–ins

iOS 11 hero image

Apple looks set to boost iCloud, turning it into a single sign–in service for websites listed on iOS devices.

Newly discovered code in the developer version of iOS 11.3 points towards a new system that will allow users to input their Apple ID and password on third-party websites, ending the need to create new usernames and passwords when logging in.

Such a system would allow websites to access names and email addresses from Apple, but no other personal information.

Google and Facebook already offer widespread single sign–in options, although the shared data from those major tech players has been a cause for concern among privacy campaigners for some time.

Any iCloud sign–in tool is unlikely to launch until March, when Apple offers iOS 11.3 to the general public.

Keen to find out more about iOS 11.3? Here's what we know so far.

It has already confirmed that the software update will come with the option to switch off battery management tools that hamper an iPhone’s performance, as well as a new battery health screen.

Last week it was reported that Apple is dropping cosmetics changes to iOS 12, due for release in late 2018, in a bid to boost the stability of its iPhone and iPad platform.



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