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Apple priming new, over–ear headphones

Cans would not feature Beats branding and would be a first for Apple.
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Apple is working on a new pair of over–ear headphones, designed to build on the runaway success of its wireless AirPods.

Ming Chi Kuo, the analyst who correctly called details surrounding the warmly reviewed iPhone X and is something of a fount of knowledge for Apple fanatics, made the claim in a new research note.

The headphones will purportedly carry Apple branding, rather than using the Beats name which has become synonymous with over–ear headphones made by the California company in recent years. Apple paid $3 billion for Beats in 2014.

Kuo claims Apple will be focusing on high–end audio quality with enhanced acoustics, with the aim of improving the sound found in AirPods.

It may be that Apple is conscious that Beats has a reputation among audiophiles for bass–heavy sound and lack of detail.

Apple’s recent HomePod smart speaker has won plaudits for its sound quality, meaning these new headphones could also be a winner among consumers.

The headphones will launch in the fourth quarter, according to Kuo. It’s likely they will use wireless technology, with some claiming they could include Siri for requesting tracks and other audio.

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