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iOS 12: Apple’s plans for next–gen iPhone software revealed

iOS 11 hero image

Apple’s iOS 12 update will allow users to personalise emojis while using FaceTime, integrate Siri within an iPhone’s search and give developers the chance to create apps that work seamlessly across iPhone, iPad and Mac.

According to an anonymous source close to Apple, these relatively minor changes will sit atop a major overhaul of iOS’s backend, with plans to improve stability and security after a number of embarrassing bugs and flaws were found in recent versions.

Other new features are said to include a rethought Do Not Disturb function, making it easier to reject calls and notifications, as well as plans for multiplayer augmented reality games.

Earlier this month it was reported that Apple had ditched plans to redesign the iPhone’s home screen with iOS 12.

It's now being claimed that the company’s software chief, Craig Federighi, has told staff not to rush functionality that does not work properly.

In recent years, major iOS updates have been released without key features.

Last year’s iOS 11 landed without Apple’s peer–to–peer Apple Pay Cash tool, which remains a US–only feature.

iOS 12 is not due to be released until September, with Apple likely to trial its key features at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June.



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