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iPhone £25 battery replacement programme: wait times increasing

iPhone battery being replaced

iPhone owners looking to take advantage of the company’s battery replacement programme are having to wait longer to get a new power pack than they did back in January.

Analysts for Barclays surveyed Apple stores and found that the average wait time had increased to 2.7 weeks, up from 2.3 weeks when the programme first started in January.

iPhone battery replacement programme: everything you need to know.

They believe that Apple is still struggling to get on top of battery supplies for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models.

On top of that, it also appears that demand for new batteries is growing, as consumers look to eke out the lifetime of their older iPhones rather than buy a new one.

Some tech watchers believe sales of new iPhones could be damaged following Apple’s decision to offer £25 battery upgrades, after it was revealed it slowed older iPhones when they were updated to the latest version of iOS.

When uSwitch replaced the battery on an iPhone 6, the wait time came in at less than two weeks, although a battery did need to be ordered in as Apple did not have the requisite stock in–store.

However, the new battery has given the aforementioned device a new lease of life, with apps working faster and the battery lasting for upwards of 24 hours on a single charge.

We put the iPhone battery replacement programme to the test with an ageing iPhone 6. Here's what we discovered.


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