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Vodafone launches Pay As You Go 1

Vodafone retail

Vodafone has announced a brand new pay as you go tariff, aimed at helping customers control their spending without running out of credit.

Dubbed Pay As You Go 1, the tariff differs from traditional pay as you go plans by capping your spending at £1 per day. So you won’t be able to spend more than you intended.

But the real point of differentiation from other networks’ pay as you go plans is that once you spend your £1 for the day, Vodafone Pay As You Go 1 customers are then granted an extra 500MB of data for no extra charge to use that day.

That’s not all, though. You also get unlimited texts and calls for the rest of the day too.

Calls cost 20p a minute and texts are 20p each, while data usage will cost you 20p per 5MB. So if you only use your phone to check your emails, send a text or make a really quick phone call, chances are you’ll be charged less than £1 a day.

Pay As You Go 1 is aimed at consumers who don’t want to pay for more usage than they need, but are equally wary of running out of credit and having to pay for expensive add-ons.

It’s also targeted towards those who tend to only use their phone in an emergency.

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