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Android phones won’t match iPhone X’s Face ID until 2019

iPhone X Face ID facial

Android mobile-manufacturers will not be able to offer a comparable take on the iPhone X’s Face ID until 2019 at the earliest, according to parts manufacturers.

Viavi Solutions, Finisar and Ams AG, which all make the 3D scanning tech required for the advanced facial mapping seen on the iPhone X, say constraints within the supply chain and an inability to mass produce parts means that most of Apple’s rivals will have to wait until late 2019 to get the tech.

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Via exec Bill Ong said that one unnamed mobile maker could offer 3D facial scanning by the end of 2018, but that availability would be ‘very low’.

Samsung has been rumoured to be priming the tech for its Galaxy S10, expected out next year.

Although some Android phones use facial recognition, they do so via 2D tech which is not as secure as Face ID.

Samsung’s well regarded Galaxy S9 pairs facial and iris recognition tech, but still can’t be used to secure payments like Apple’s system.

In a scathing assessment of Face ID’s rivals, Apple’s Phil Schiller said last year, “They all stink.”



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