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  5. Google Maps for iPhone now includes restaurant waiting times

Google Maps for iPhone now includes restaurant waiting times


Google Maps for iOS has been updated, with a new feature allowing users to see how long they’ll need to wait in line when heading out for dinner.

The search giant says the feature shows average waiting times at any given point in the day, with over one million restaurants on its database.

In a world where making reservations feels like a thing of the past, this new addition could come in extremely handy for those desperate to grab a quick bite without having to put their name on a list and decamp to the pub for half an hour.

Google also says it has beefed up its public transit function, with users in 12 cities worldwide now able to see the correct entrance they need for subway and metro services.

Sadly, this feature isn’t yet live in any UK town or city, although Google is promising to expand it soon.

It comes just days after Google added new wheelchair accessibility features to its mapping app, in a bid to help those with mobility issues navigate around cities easier.

The updated app is available to download now.

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