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Speedy new iPhone X 2018 chips go into production

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Apple’s chipset partner Taiwan Semiconductor has begun production on new processors which are set to put this year’s new iPhones on a whole new level when it comes to speed.

The new 7-nanometer chip bests the current 10-nanometer effort found in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and promises faster app loading times and a boost in battery life.

It’s likely the new chip will be called the A12, with Apple set to unveil it alongside the new iPhone range in September.

The same report which carries the news reiterates claims that Apple is working on three new versions its iPhone X.

One that will look identical to the current edition, another plus–sized version and a third model with an LCD screen and more affordable price tag.

This tallies with talk from analysts which has dominated tech headlines since the turn of the year.

It now seems only a major change of heart could stop Apple from offering a trio of new devices in 2018.

More details are likely to be revealed around WWDC, Apple’s annual developer event, which takes place at the start of June.

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