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The next iPhone could add a splash of colour

iPhone 5c

We’ve heard rumours concerning the next iPhone X, as well as how Apple plans to update the iPhone SE this September. But now comes a rumour concerning the next model of the iPhone 8. And if it’s right, Apple could be taking inspiration from its past.

The next iteration of iPhone 8 could come in a range of bright colours, just like the iPhone 5c back in 2013. Why? Apple is targeting the ‘young consumer market’ – i.e. millennials.

The handset will apparently come in blue, yellow and pink options, according to Jun Zhang, an analyst from Rosenblatt Securities.

This model of iPhone will feature an LCD screen, as opposed to the higher-end models, which will have more advanced OLED displays. And for this reason, it'll be cheaper.

It’s likely Apple wants to differentiate the iPhone 8s – if that’s what it ends up being called – from its more premium handsets, and thinks a colourful approach is the way to do that.

The colours of the iPhone 5c only lasted one generation – Apple didn’t introduce a follow-up model, or bring them to any other handsets. Which suggests that it wasn’t a huge success.

Why Apple thinks it will be any different this time around is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure it’s done its homework.

Apple also plans to refresh the iPhone SE this autumn. The SE is also a more wallet-friendly handset.

With these two bringing up the budget end, and multiple versions of the iPhone X planned, will Apple risk confusing consumers? We’ll find out come September.


Apple Insider

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